Take any of these five words with you wherever you go. They’re sure to give you a boost and charge you forward when you need it most but beware, some personal quotes will leave you with more questions than answers. Curated by faculty, staff and fellow peers.

Engineering-thinking will benefit me forever

Shengrong Gong, MECH ‘20

Hope everyone enjoys graduation event

Jinzhao Kan, CMPE ‘20

Better use your engineering judgement

Kelly Sedore, Chemical Technologist, Staff

We are what we make

Jacob Adamczyk, CIVL ‘20

Our World in Your Hands

Assistant Professor, L. Meunier, CHEE ‘20

Four piece with curly fries

Ben Merriam, ELEC ‘20

Embrace the unknown with patience

Kailey Beckwith, Future, CIVL ‘20

Crafted some excellent Yik Yak’s

Adam Clegg, ELEC ‘20

You’ll never make that 8:30

Yassin Abdel-Hady, ELEC ‘20

Create like nobody is watching

Cormac Crowley, CMPE ‘20

Can’t wait for what’s next!

Blanche Lu-Sullivan, MECH ‘20

Hey now, you’re an allstar

Archana Agashe, ELEC ‘20

Engineering is a team sport

Chris Payne, CMPE ‘20

I guess that’s it, then.

Jared Potts, MECH ‘20

Hey, best of luck everyone!

Nick Dal Farra, MTHE ‘20

Work hard, play hard, sleep!

Kathleen Iley, Program Assistant, Staff

Transform society. Lead with compassion.

Anne Johnson, Assistant Professor, Sustainability Mining, Faculty

Retake courses, can’t redo Thursdays

Jack Devins, ELEC ‘20

Yay I can finally sleep

Viraj Bangari, ENPH ‘20

Grades not everything, need tonnage

Peter Wake, MINE ‘20

Every year adds a leg

Caroline Ochocinski, GEOE ‘20

Two Bain Keyboards For Sale

Cache Angus, CMPE ‘20

Never forget resistors can burn

Ke-Jun (Tom) Sung, ELEC ‘20

Throughout any hardship, we prevail

Christopher Biancaniello, ELEC ‘20

Well this was a surprise

Evan Alexander, MECH ‘20

It goes by too fast

Thomas Jager, ENPH ’20

Hope we change the world

Krysta Peralto, CMPE ‘20

Always look at the rocks

Jennifer Day, Assistant Professor, Faculty

Surviving MECH makes anything possible

Jacquie Brown, UG Assistant, Staff

The show must go on

Vanessa Wood, Electro-Mechanical Technologist, Staff

Gotta keep failing towards success

Ronald Yeung, ENPH ’20

Docks in my lovely socks

Jemima Khan, ELEC ‘20

Be proud! You’ve earned it!

Rob Knobel, Professor of Engineering Physics, Faculty

Teamwork makes the dream work

Michael Allen, CMPE ‘20

Oh, The Places you’ll Go

Gabrielle Whan, Department Manager, Staff

Dream. Design. Create. Share. Repeat.

Joshua Marshall, Associate Professor, Faculty

Do the best you can

Elisha Melvina Martis, CMPE ‘20

Come to Queens they said

Rheal Chiasson, MECH ’20

Grind now and cry later

Michael Mills, ENPH ’20

It be like that sometimes

Murtadha Al-Dallal, Silicon Design Engineer, ENPH ’20

One Two Three Four CONGRATS

David Yokom, Director, Faculty

Purple people provide perfect prospects

Kate Minor, Manager, Office of the Dean, Staff

Let curiosity be your guide

Kevin Deluzio, Dean, Faculty

Stay out of the sauce

Derek Hodgson, Technician, MECH

Remember to care for others

Kate Cowperthwaite, Financial and Administrative Assistant, Ingenuity Labs, MINE

How you have grown up

Aphra Rogers, First Year Program Lead, Faculty

Brilliant metamorphosed waterproof sustainable rockstars

Jean Hutchinson, Professor, GEOE

Dream big and work hard

Ali Etemad, Assistant Professor, ELEC

Many tears and joyful moments

Yutong Xie, MECH ’20

Through adversity comes personal growth

Ryan Freris, MECH ’20

Believe calibrate deliver achieve rejoice

Barry Lodin, MECH ’20

Engineering is a team sport

Jaimie Kidson, CMPE ’20

Congratulations we made it through

Turner Ward, ENPH ’20

Not laying bricks but cathedral

Dimitri Georgaras, ELEC ’20

Things will always work out

Kira Cooper, CHEE ’20

Extra large double double please

Adams Liu, CMPE ’20

Seek discomfort be an outlier

Saad Qadi, ELEC ’20

Ne ver chase your shots

Michael O’Donnell, CIVL ’20

Geriatrics age like fine wine

Patrick Taylor, CHEE ’20

Congrats champs we did it

Violette Giry, MTHE ’20

Best decision I ever made

Anna Cooper, MECH ’20

The stress made me bald

Ian H-B, MTHE ’20

More effort and more happiness

Jinhao Ruan, ELEC ’20

I’d like to thank caffeine

Jasper Haighton, CHEE ’20

I should have taken business

Youssef Aboualam, ELEC ’20

Better days are fast approaching

Wesley Dossett, MECH ’20

Find a positive every day

Jane Davies, Graduate Studies Assistant, MECH

Take risks and fall forward

Cao Thang Dinh, Assistant Professor, CHEE

Knowledge is power. Now create

Brant Peppley, Professor, CHEE

Forever written on our GPAs

Ally Shikaze, CMPE ’20

One should never stop learning

Omar Lozano Palma, ENPH ’20

Almost quit glad I didnt

Omar Lozano Palma, ENPH ’20

Prior preparation prevents poor performance

William Newstead, Adjunct Associate Professor, CHEE

Keeping trying fun new things

Heidi Ploeg, Associate Professor, MECH

First Second Third Fourth Go

Brad Diak, Professor, MECH

Design is intelligence made visible

Paul Hungler, Assistant Professor, CHEE